Friday, May 27, 2011

Visiting Nana...

My Nana, Lillian, is going to be 90 or 91 on her next birthday this coming August.
 (??? forgive me for not knowing exactly…I think it gets to the point where you stop counting he he)
She is currently and happily residing in a little nursing/assisted home not too far away from where I live. She recently moved in there and it is an adjustment; a new setting, new roommate, new atmosphere, so I thought what better way to give her a little pick me up then bringing her a taste of home.

Growing up Nana lived with my family; she was a second mom to my sister and I. I remember being very young helping her in the kitchen. She was a great cook, but baking was her thing.  Especially around the holiday time she would spend days in the kitchen making homemade bread, cookie dough’s, traditional pastries, and pies. I guess you could say that I inherited some of her patients in the kitchen, and also maybe her frustration…like if crusts wouldn’t come out of the mold, or something would burn…eek.

If you have a grandma or a grandpa who are great cooks, GET THEIR RECIPES and WRITE THEM DOWN....we have to keep our traditional foods going! 

 Dough for pecan shortbread cookies...

 Yummy Final Product, So simple Pecan Short Bread

There’s nothing better than fresh baked cookies to brighten someone’s day J.

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  1. Hi Mel, What a great idea for Nana. I'm sure she will be very pleased with your "sweet" gesture. I still treasure the cookbook that you made of all Nana's recipes a few years ago. Happy Memorial Day weekend.