About Me

Food Fashionista was created as a portal for me to share my love of food and passion for cooking. Since I was a child, making fresh pasta with my mother and growing up with family meals every day, food and family are something that I cherish and want to help other families pursue as a way of life. 

My name is Melanie. I am a nutritionist; I have a Bachelors of Science concentrating in Food and Nutrition. I have a passion for cooking healthy (and maybe sometimes not so healthy) foods. My philosophy for cooking and eating is everything in moderation. What I mean by that is that it is OK sometimes to treat yourself!

Food gives us fuel and is so important for a healthy lifestyle, so why not make it fun!

In this blog you are going to find tips for cooking for your family or friends, tips for purchasing foods, general tips for healthy nutrition, lots of recipes and photos and maybe even some cocktail or party ideas.