Thursday, December 1, 2011

Want to lose weight?...then shut your mouth

Want to lose weight? ...Then shut your mouth! Sounds kind of harsh right...well we aren’t talking about closing your mouth to food, we are talking about keeping your diet a secret from your friends and family. Check out this great article on CNN about a woman who lost 242lbs by following 4 simple tips.

1. Eat 8 ounces of food every 3 hours
2. No sugary drinks
3. Do not skip meals
4. Do not tell anyone what you're doing


When I was first reading this article I thought, “this is going against everything I believe in”. Doctors, nutritionists, Weight Watchers and other diet gimmicks, we believe in support, and talking out your fears, and sharing your success and failures if so…so why was this women so successful all on her own?

I’m a broken record when it comes to recommending small frequent meals and snacks throughout the day, I always promote water and seltzer and sugar free beverages, skipping meals is a big no no in my book…But “don't tell anyone what you're doing”. Seems simple enough! No one likes change, lets think about when you are dieting or trying to change your lifestyle. When you are starting out you are almost looking for any excuse to say “forget it” or to give up. When talking to your friends you are most likely talking about how change is negatively affecting you. This negative talk and negative attitude that you are most likely getting back from your friends about how dieting blows and who cares if I am wearing elastic waste band (J) will most likely cause you to fail. BUT, if no one knows what you are doing, you can chuckle when they say “Wow,you look great”.

Just some food for thought…


  1. Great article, Mel. Very good advice.....and yes, "food for thought".

  2. Hmm, definitely interesting. I think real support can't be underestimated though.