Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday Food Adventure...

Welcome to Federal Hill, the little Italy of Rhode Island. On Saturday, Megan, Phil and I decided to venture here to have a little food adventure.

There are all kinds of little specialty store and shops, in this one we were greeted by the world's largest vine ripened tomato! This thing was huge...look at it compared to the (normal sized) cherry tomato.

We had a great lunch..and a beatiful glass of sparkling Prosecco, perfect on a hot summer day!
Our next stop was Venda Ravioli ( This is one of our favorite places in Federal Hill. It advertises itself as "Rhode Islands Italian Grocery store" and that it is. They have beautiful Italian specialty items, wonderful cheeses from all over Europe, yummy oils and a variety of decadent prepared foods.I would have loved to share more photos with you but upon snapping this amazing picture of the cheese case I was told "no pictures allowed" L....bummer. I guess you will just have to check it out yourself, so worth it!

Then we had Cappuccino and Yummy cupcakes. Megan and I both got Chocolate..her was sprinkled with chocolate chips, mine with a gummy worm and Oreo cookie crumbs!


All our groceries...most improtant and exciting find of the day was the individual "snack" portions of nutella, only the best things ever invented by Italian people!

Caio Bella!

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