Thursday, July 7, 2011

When in Doubt...Wrap it in Bacon :)

I like healthy foods and usually do eat them (obvi) but you know what...even I get sick of eating greens, veggies, salad, etc. Especially this time of year where lettuce and green veggies are so prevalent when shopping at the farm stands and as part of my CSA, I am having trouble finding new ways to utilize and enjoy these leafy nutrient rich rockstars. 

I received radicchio in my share this week and it is one head of lettuce that I am not into. I think it is either a love it or a hate it kind of flavor.

While picking up my CSA share today from Red Fire Farm I of course got to chatting with my friend Laura (fellow foodie/locavore/CSA manager/cool person) and she told me that she loves Radicchio. I explained to her that the bitter flavor of the Radicchio was not something I was a fan of and that I would probably try and auction it off to my sister (who has been enjoying the bitter curly endive the past few weeks). Laura then gave me the great idea of adding bacon...Bacon makes everything better right! So I gave it a try and it was pretty darn good.

I still have to say that the bitter flavor of the green is slightly unappealing to me but to some people who enjoy this lettuce on its own would definitely enjoy it this way as well. Would be great as a quick side dish to a healthy grilled chicken breast or an appetizer at a dinner party.

Farm Fresh Treviso Radicchio Wrapped in Bacon

Also would like to share something funny...miss Basil had some fun with the CSA pick up this week you can see, shes playing with some peas

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