Saturday, October 1, 2011

Share Your Sweet Tooth to Help Fight Against Lung Cancer...

Coming up on 3 years ago, we lost my Papa to a horrible battle of Lung Cancer. This year, my sister and I decided to put together a team and walk in the Breathe Deep Boston, 5k Walk To Stop Lung Cancer on November 5th.

Our team name is "Papa's Pennies". This may sound weird to some of you but after my papa passed away we met with a Medium (someone who communicates with spirits). She told us that one of the easiest ways for spirits of loved ones passed to communicate with us is through metal and coins. We coincidently started finding coins everywhere! My dad always found dimes, and for my sister and I it was always pennies (always tails up), we jokingly started calling them "Papa's Pennies" not really thinking too much of it until they started showing up in some pretty mysterious and impossible places.
1. My sister, some friends and I were shopping and by my foot there was a penny (heads up). My sister said “Oh look a papa penny!” and I said “No it’s heads up, it’s not a papa’s penny!” No sooner did I say that we looked down again and there was another penny about 2 inches next to it that was tails up!
2. When Phil and I bought our house the women who lived in it previously left a lot of her stuff in it. When we were cleaning it up my mother and I were taking pictures and decorations off the wall. One of the decorations in the kitchen was screwed we removed the screws and lifted it and “BOINK” 2-3 pennies came flying out from the back of it.

I could go on and on with crazy stories…but I think you get the idea on why our team name is this…

This month we are going to have a Share Your Sweet Tooth Charity Contest. Please send your favorite cookie or dessert recipe with your name and email and at the end of the month the winner will receive kudos and recognition on the Food Fashionista Blog, a featured post on their recipe, where I will make it and talk about how yummy and creative it is, and a $25 dollar gift card to The recipes will be judged on creativity, originality and of course taste. Send your entries to

So..I am calling all Foodies and Sweet Lovers, please help our cause and donate!! You can donate by joining our team and walking with us on that day, you can help by making a donation gift to help us reach our donation goal or you can just be there to cheer us on in person or in spirit.

Please Click HERE to support our team. All contribution, big or small are appreciated!!

The funny part is, as I was writting this post I looked to my left and in the middle of the floor was this...gotta have faith :)

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