Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello All!! Long time no Blog. Things have been crazy and busy and might I admit somewhat lazy in the Food Fashionista household. It's hard to sit in front of the computer when there are so many good TV shows this time of year...the Voice, Glee, American Idol and my new fav, New Girl...that show is hilarious.

Anyways we are still eating healthy things..I promise (although right now for breakfast I am munching on left over pizza..but that's OK!) and I will be posting some pictures starting very soon!!

So whats new with me..Well Hubby and I went on a great vacation with our family in the beginning of February, I tried and LOVED Brazilian BBQ for the first time, Food Fashionista Specialty Desserts and Catering is expanding and coming along great, and I am planning a Great American Bake Sale Charity Event with my friend Megan to raise money for Share our Strength (details to come).

Hope all is well with you. Hang tight for my Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipes!

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