Friday, June 28, 2013


On Fridays, I work in Boston, The Prudential Center location of my organization. Seeing that never in my life have I taken public transportation to commute to work, I was very proud of myself last week when I made the trip in and home in one piece, and on the right train!

I can't help but feel a little bit "cooler" when I get on the train and ride into the city with my Tory Burch tote in hand. Especially when I get off at the Back Bay station and the world is so fancy with beautiful people, high end stores, and JUICE!

Last week, I discovered a Food Fashionista treasure. I was walking out of the station and caught wind of an overwhelming scent of fresh fruits and loud Spanish music. When I looked to my right I saw a fruit stand with a sign that said "Jugo". Intrigued, I walked in only to find this tiny/little shop, with a big juicer that takes up most of the space, with tons of fresh fruits and veggies to create amazing combination juices. Of course I had to try one. Their Menu was an array of unusual combinations like cucumber, spinach and ginger, or strawberry banana and carrot.

I chose a smoothie called Pirlo; which was Cucumber, Spinach, Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana and Apple Cider. YUM!!!

I took some pictures (trying my best not to look like a weirdo - so the quality isnt great):

A Must Try!

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