Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolate Extraviganza

A few years ago for Valentines Day my dad bought my sister, mom and I tickets to a Chocolate Tour of Boston, as you can imagine it was amazing. We went in a big bus with a tour guide who talked about the history of chocolate and the history of restaurants in Boston. Our tour ended at the Langham Hotel at their famous Chocolate Bar. The bar/buffet had desserts of all types, some with fruits, some with caramels, mostly chocolates, sinfully good. This year after Valentines Day, I had this great idea; Why not have a Chocolate/Dessert Buffet/Fashion Girls-night-in party at my house! So guess what…I’m doing it!

The planning is coming along, I have hired a “fashion lady” who sells all kinds of things like sunglasses, wallets, scarves, pocket books, jewelry, etc. to join us. The invitations are on order and the guest list is prepared. I have even started to order some serving wear, such as tiny martini glasses, shot glasses to make mini parfaits, cupcakes liners, and much more.  

The menu is coming along as well. I am going to do some traditional desserts such as cookies and cupcakes, some fancy desserts like creme brulee, some healthier alternatives like yogurt parfaits and fruit salads, could I forget the cotton candy machine J.

for more information on the Chocolate Bar visit:

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